Calligraphy box

I made this! No more coffee jars for pens, shoeboxes full of ink, or nappy boxes full of paper*

There’s space for paper, greetings cards, seven bottles of ink, a water jar, eight dip-pens and brushes, and a handful of pens, scalpels and stirrers.

The dip-pen side.

Closed, with one handle showing. The handles swing up to hold the front wings in position because that’s one disaster I’m keen to avoid. This whole project took 2-3 months of weekend afternoons when the kids could spare me, which would have gone a little faster if I had a more conventional workspace. You want to see?


Yeah, the garden shed got too cold to work in, since gloves and accurate measuring don’t really mix, so the project mostly happened in the kitchen on an old sawhorse using appropriated pine. Finished using clear varnish and brass fixings, with green felt on the base to stop scratching. Haven’t lost anything since, which is a minor miracle.

*This is a lie, but now at least there’s one wooden box on the kitchen table instead of four cardboard ones…

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