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    My calligraphy is entirely hand-written using traditional dip-pens and high-quality inks, and each piece is made entirely from scratch on thick acid-free papers and parchments, allowing for fully custom pieces to be made including specific ink colours and spot illustrations. All commissions considered, including poetry, wedding readings, bottle labels, wedding stationery, hand-written shopping bags, vinyl and more.


My illustration work is painstakingly drawn and coloured by hand in a varity of scales, from fully-detailed aerial views, wedding crests, game backgrounds and logo work to character art and portraits.


I can create a geographically-plausible map from any source material, be it your own book, a favourite novel or film, your favourite pass-time or a real place. All maps are carefully drawn out using dip-pens with sepia ink on hand-aged paper for a truly unique look and feel.


For the literary soul, I offer custom leather-bound re-covers of your favourite books. Complete with brass corners, spine hoops, parchment end-paper, place-ribbons and carefully hand-inked titles with quality re-purposed leather, I can breathe new life into your best-loved literature.

Abstract art

For something entirely unpredictable, and a popular anniversary gift, try an abstract commission. Taking inspiration from a favourite piece of music or shared interest, I create a completely original, one-of-a-kind piece of art using bright acrylic, oil and watercolour paints where anything can happen.

Momentum Mori link

Momentum Mori is an on-going printmaking project that uses my own original photography as the subject matter for highly detailed lino cuts. Long-dead or hard to find animals are examined in extremely close detail to re-create their key characteristics.

printzoo link

Printzoo is a series of less serious designs for t-shirt prints and shopping bags - each piece is a hand-printed lino cut.

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