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Ryan S. Thomason is a freelance calligrapher, illustrator, artist and craftsman. His interests and fascinations include extinct and otherwise obscure animals, the deep sea, outer space and the small-to-microscopic scale. His artistic inspiration starts with the William Morris dictum 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.' Other key artists and influences include Joan Eardley, Sister Corita Kent, Saul Bass, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Rembrandt and Turner, medieval illumination and folk art.
His art puts his hands under the skin of his subject matter, using broken LPs and sawn books to lay the bones out in bright colours and worked textures that capture the fireworks that dance inside his head.
He has worked with clients from far and wide, including New Zealand wineyards, Australian game designers and English bicycle makers, private clients from thirty US states and half of Europe. Always versatile and quick to learn, his calligraphy projects have included Chinese, Russian, Punjab, and Elvish scripts.
There's what amounts to an actual library in his house, mostly composed of sci-fi, fantasy, popular history, popular science and indie comics, with his particular literary heroes including Raymond Chandler, Terry Pratchett, Warren Ellis, Kurt Vonnegut, N.K. Jemisin, Jamie Smart, Scarlett Thomas, Iain M. Banks, Neil Gaiman and Naomi Novik.


I can be contacted by email at ryan@ryansthomason.com, and I'll usually respond on the same day. Other avenues you can try include whispering to birds or writing a message in seawater. I won't answer, but I hear they can be very relaxing. Failing those, you can try @rsthomason on twitter.

It's probably* going to turn out fine* in the end*. Till then, take care of yourself and look out for others, gather them round the roaring bonfire you've built inside, and sing out into the darkness with a voice loud and clear.

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